A Lifestyle for the Passionate

At the end of a typical day in the Academy, Jeff would fall into bed, his muscles sore and his brain still digesting all the information he´d learned that day. “There were plenty of days where it´d be 2 in the morning and we´d be putting our tack and tools away for the day and we knew we´d be dragging it out again in just a few hours,” Jeff says.

But no matter how exhausted you are or how challenging your days, when you´re passionate about what you´re doing, each day is an opportunity to get better. “Before I made it into the Academy, I thought about being at the ranch and learning from Clinton every single day. After the first clinic we helped Clinton at, where we had our first chance to help people, I knew I had made the right decision to become a Certified Clinician and that this was exactly where I needed to be,” Jeff says.

Jeff´s desire to learn as much as he can and become the best clinician he can be prompted him to earn his professional certification. “As a Professional Clinician, I can teach the Intermediate and Advanced levels of the Method and all the specialized divisions,” Jeff says. “There has been a lot of interest from horsemen wanting to move beyond the Fundamentals, so I’m really looking forward to putting all the knowledge I’ve learned into practice.”