A Passion to Help

“He´d been to four other trainers and came back to her with the same problem,” Jeff says. When he began teaching the horse the Fundamentals exercises in the arena, the stout Quarter Horse managed to bolt and nearly drag Jeff off his feet. “At that point, I knew I had my work cut out for me,” Jeff says, “but as with every other horse, I just followed the Method and he made a complete 360.”

When the horse´s owner showed up for her lesson day and was able to ride the horse on a loose rein, the moment was one to savor for the clinician. “There´s nothing better than when you can help somebody make progress with their horse. Sometimes, getting results with a horse can be hard, but to see the look on an owner´s face when you help them get past that hurdle is rewarding,” Jeff says.

The passion to help others and the desire to share his knowledge sent Jeff on the path of becoming a Certified Clinician. “I love training horses and I´ve always liked teaching people. If I can share my knowledge with you, I´m going to do it,” he says.