About Abigail

Abigail grew up on her family’s farm in northern Iowa, where she loved taking care of their horses. When she was old enough, she joined 4-H and began competing in local barrel racing jackpots. Her horsemanship interests gradually switched to pleasure horses and she showed in open shows and eventually smaller breed shows.

When she was showing on the pleasure circuit, she was given a 2-year-old rescue mare. “I realized I had no idea how to start a colt and got busy Googling horsemanship training methods,” Abigail says. “Clinton’s name kept coming up in my searches, so I watched his videos on YouTube.”

Abigail was drawn to Clinton’s teaching style and training approach. She loved how simply Clinton explained his method. “He doesn’t make you feel stupid for being a beginner and learning,” She says. “His method is easy to understand, and most importantly, it works. Plus, it isn’t all equipment based, where you need to have a special bit or piece of equipment to make it work.”

Abigail graduated high school a year early and enrolled in a local community college’s equine management program. While she enjoyed the subject matter, she didn’t feel challenged by the program. She remembered seeing commercials for the Clinician Academy and decided to look into attending.

“I knew the Academy would challenge me. I didn’t want a degree just because I had scraped by in class. I wanted something I had to work for and achieve,” she says. “Horses have always been my passion. I’ve never envisioned myself being anything other than a horse trainer. There is no other clinician that’s built such a professional company as Clinton has in Downunder Horsemanship. I’m proud to be a part of the company and to have the opportunity to help other horsemen achieve their dreams.”