About Addie

“I can’t remember a day in my life I haven’t thought about horses,” Addie says, smiling. “They are always on my mind, and I never stop talking about them.” When she was 10, Addie’s family bought her her first horse, and with the support of her family behind her, she started on a journey that led her to the Academy.

The horses Addie grew up riding were older, well trained and took good care of their riders. As her ability as a rider increased, Addie dreamed of training a horse of her own. When she was a teenager, Addie went to an auction and picked up Sunny, a 3-year-old Quarter Horse. After one week at home with Sunny, she realized he was a lot more horse than she knew how to handle. “I did my best to train him, but it was a disaster. I knew I lacked the knowledge I needed for him,” Addie says.

Addie’s 4-H leader quickly turned into her mentor. A longtime believer in the Method, she suggested Addie check out Clinton’s approach to horsemanship. “I was skeptical at first, but not for long. The results spoke for themselves. It was so frustrating trying to train Sunny before, but once I found the Method, everything made sense. The Method completely changed my way of thinking, which completely changed my life,” Addie says.

Driven by her success with Sunny, Addie became a serious student of the Method and began taking on more horses to train. Her belief in the Method grew stronger with the results she got. “There came a point where I felt like my mentor and I took me as far as we could. To get to the next level, I knew I needed to study under the man himself, and the Academy was just what I needed,” Addie says.

As a Method Ambassador, Addie is passionate about sharing the knowledge she wishes she’d had growing up. “I remember what it feels like to struggle with your horse and have no idea how to fix the issues you’re having. I want to be the person people can come to with their questions to get help,” Addie says. “There is nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up when they’re working with their horse and all of a sudden it makes sense. You get to watch as horse and rider become an unstoppable team. To help someone cultivate a relationship built on respect and trust that will last a life time is the greatest gift. I’m excited to share with people a method I’m so passionate about and to represent a company that’s truly there to help you achieve whatever horse dream you may have, no matter how big or how small.”