About Amber

Amber fell in love with horses at a young age, and, like all young horse lovers, dreamed of having a horse of her own. Because her family lived on a 12-mile barrier island in New Jersey, it was impossible for them to have horses. Fortunately, Amber’s uncle had a ranch and encouraged his niece’s passion for all things equine.

Amber eventually got a horse of her own, and until her late teen years, primarily rode English before switching to western riding. When she began boarding her horse at a facility with endurance riders, she picked up the sport and has been competing in endurance and competitive trail ever since.

A riding accident in 2012, in which Amber tried to stop her horse from bolting, led her to the Method. “When my horse took off and I tried to stop him, we both fell. I ended up breaking my upper arm into five pieces,” Amber says. “It was a scary experience and really got me thinking about the way I was interacting with my horses. There I was in my recliner in a giant cast, and I started Googling better ways to train.”

In her search, she came across Downunder Horsemanship and immediately connected with how Clinton presented the Method. “Nowhere else in the horse world is there a step-by-step program that is broken down so well and so easy to follow with all of the troubleshooting tips as the Method is,” Amber says. “I also love Clinton’s focus on safety, it’s something that was especially important to me after my accident and now more so than ever since becoming a mother and raising my daughter.”

The passionate horsewoman runs a boarding barn and lesson program in northeast Pennsylvania and has trained a wide variety of horses using the Method. “The Method has been amazing at helping me get results with my horses, and then being able to teach the horses’ owners how to effectively communicate with them,” Amber says.

Looking for a way to take her horsemanship to the next level, Amber enrolled in the Academy. “Horsemanship is a never-ending journey, there’s always something to learn. I knew if I wanted to better my skill set there was no better opportunity than the Academy,” she explains.

As a Method Ambassador, the Pennsylvania horsewoman is helping more horse owners than ever before. “Downunder Horsemanship’s defining goal is to inspire the dreams of horsemen,” Amber says. “I love sharing my knowledge with others so that they can achieve their goals. My passion is to help people have enjoyable, safe partnerships with their horses.”