About Becky

Becky was born fascinated with horses and has always had them in her life. She was on the back of a horse before she could walk, was riding on her own at the age of 3 and trained her first horse when she was in the sixth grade. She grew up competing in play days and barrel racing and is still actively involved in the barrel racing industry.

The Texas native found her way to the Method thanks to a horse that was given to her. The black gelding had a notorious bolting issue, ripping the lead rope out of people’s hands any time he wished. “I’d sent him to a professional trainer, and the trainer sent him back saying there was nothing he could do with him,” Becky remembers.

The horsewoman had attended a few of Clinton’s training demos he put on at the Babcock Ranch when he was getting his career started in America and tuned in to his television show when it began airing on RFD-TV. “I was at one of his demos after getting the black horse back from the trainer and decided to get Clinton’s halter and lead rope. The first time that horse went to bolt and he felt that halter, it got his attention. He turned around and gave me two eyes,” Becky says.

She started training the gelding using the Method and saw immediate results. Each horse she’s trained using the Method has strengthened her belief in Clinton’s training technique. Over the years, she’s attended multiple clinics, and her passion for the Method led her to enroll in the Clinician Academy.

“I want to teach people what I’ve learned and show them that it is possible to have a safe, respectful horse. I come from the play day and barrel racing industries and too often the horses lack a foundation, which turns away new horse owners and kids,” Becky says. “I want to show people how they can enjoy their horses and create a partnership with them. I love watching that light come on for people when they realize that they can control their horses and have fun with them.”