About Brett

As a young boy, Brett would lie in bed reading the latest issue of Western Horseman, dreaming of someday being a horse trainer. Growing up in western Colorado, he helped friends and family on their ranches. “The earliest picture of me is as a 3-month-old sitting in the saddle with my dad while he’s out working a feedlot,” Brett remembers.

When he graduated high school, Brett went to college to earn a degree in professional engineering. He married his wife, Lisa, and the couple raised three daughters. When they were in the right position in their lives, Brett and Lisa decided to get horses for the family. Like Brett, Lisa had ridden horses as a girl but didn’t have a lot of experience. “When we got our horses, we quickly realized that we were in over our heads and didn’t quite know what to do,” Brett says.

They turned to the internet to find answers and discovered Clinton. Soon, they were tuning in to his training program on RFD-TV. “We found him just after the Fundamentals Series came out and I really liked that he had a set of videos that were so step by step,” Brett says. “You could start at one end and work your way through his method and have a good, solid horse by the end of it. That was very different from a lot of the other programs available at the time.”

Eventually, the family’s foray into horses expanded into them getting a small cattle ranch. Brett continued to be an avid student of the Method and participated in a Fundamentals Clinic with Clinton in Eagle, Colorado. The experience fueled his desire to someday turn his dream of being a horse trainer into reality.

In December 2021, when he and his wife sold their engineering business, Brett decided there was no better time to enroll in the Clinician Academy and make that dream come true. “When something comes up that you can’t stop thinking about, you just have to go for it,” Brett says.

As a Method Ambassador, Brett enjoys training horses and helping people build better relationships with their equine partners. “I’m passionate about sharing the Method because of the results I’ve gotten with it. When I got into horses as an adult, I needed help and I was able to stay safe and train my horses with the Method,” Brett says. “I enjoy teaching people how it can improve their horsemanship and help them have success, too.”