About Carlie

Carlie’s parents had their daughter in the saddle when she was 2, and were adamant about exposing her to good horsemanship practices from the start of her horsemanship career. The Scarberys found the Method in 2000, at the beginning of Clinton’s career in the United States. While Carlie was familiar with the Method, she didn’t get serious about it until her dad took on a rescue horse. “That gelding was a handful, and when I saw the results that could be achieved with the Method, I wanted to learn as much as I could about it,” Carlie says.

Growing up surrounded by horses – her parents own a boarding stable – Carlie knew she wanted to make a living working with horses and helping people learn horsemanship. “When I graduated high school, I looked for horsemanship programs but couldn’t find exactly what I needed for my career until I was watching the Downunder Horsemanship TV show and saw the commercial for the Academy. I knew that was exactly what I needed,” Carlie says.

During the Academy, Carlie took every opportunity she could to add to her knowledge. “I saw myself gain so much confidence. If there’s a problem, I know how to fix it now,” she says.

As a Method Ambassador, Carlie accepts horses for training and teaches lessons. “I’m passionate about helping people better communicate with their horses and showing them how the Method can help them get results,” Carlie says.