About Daniel

Thanks to his family’s interest in horses, Daniel grew up learning horsemanship and honing his skills as a horseman. While other members of the Coggin family enjoy riding horses, it was evident early on that Daniel had a passion for learning as much as he could about how to train and work with horses.

“My interest sparked my parents into getting a couple of green horses, and I began working with horses that had behavioral problems,” Daniel says. “I enjoy working with horses that have issues and watching their transformations.”

When he began working with untrained and problem horses, Daniel turned to the Method to get results. “The Method gives you confidence. No matter how bad of a situation you are in with a horse, you know you’re going to get through to him eventually because there’s no fail in the Method as long as you follow the steps,” Daniel says.

When he learned of the Academy, he knew that it was the perfect point from which to build his career in the horse industry. “I enjoy sharing the knowledge and confidence the Method has given me. Horses are a lot more fun to be around when you understand how to work with them,” Daniel says. “To put it plain and simple, I just can’t find any way to lose with the Method. It works every time.”