About Jacqueline

Jacqueline grew up in the rolling hills of northwestern Pennsylvania running barrels and poles on her family’s horses. When she was 14, she was violently bucked off a horse and suffered a concussion. The experience caused her to stop riding and get out of horses altogether.

Eight years ago, her mother, Roberta, convinced her to give horses another go. Since then, Jacqueline has rediscovered a passion for horsemanship and continuously bettering her skills as a rider. “My mom’s been following Clinton since he first started his career, so when I was ready to get back into horses, she took me to a Walkabout Tour. That weekend is what inspired me to follow the Method,” Jacqueline says.

Jacqueline became a dedicated student of the Method and was impressed with the results she was able to achieve with her horses. “The Method works. It’s just that simple. It’s easy to understand and to put into action. You get results,” Jacqueline says.

The Pennsylvania horsewoman has participated in multiple clinics and operates a training and lesson barn. Enrolling in the Academy was a natural choice. “Since getting involved with Downunder Horsemanship, I’ve always wanted to complete the Academy. I enjoy training horses, and I love to help people. Having a career where I get to do both is perfect, and I wanted the best education and certification I could get,” Jacqueline says.

As a Method Ambassador, Jacqueline is excited to share the Method with horse owners. “I think there’s a general lack of knowledge in the horse industry, where people don’t understand how to progress or move forward with their horses. I was in the same position,” Jacqueline says. “To be able to combine my two passions to educate people and help them build safe and fun partnerships with their horses is an awesome experience.”