About Jeffery

When a good friend loaned Jeffery the Fundamentals Kit, it changed the horseman’s life. At the time, Jeffery was 15 and had been riding horses most of his life. He’d gotten his first horse when he was 8 and learned to ride on the go while working on a ranch. “Most of what I did before I found the Method was just the old cowboy way … get on ride ‘em,” Jeffery says.

When he listened to Clinton’s philosophy behind the Method and started implementing the Fundamentals exercises with horses, Jeffery was hooked. “It’s idiot-proof. If you follow the steps Clinton lays out, you’re going to get results. It’s the only approach to horsemanship I’ve come across that really makes sense,” he says.

The young horseman began working with as many horses as he could, and when he was 16, he participated in the Idaho Extreme Mustang Makeover with a yearling filly he named Phoenix. The pair earned the youth division championship.

Jeffery knew he wanted a career in the horse industry and he set his sights on becoming certified to teach the Method. “I wanted hands-on help from Clinton to become a better horseman and fine-tune my application of the Method,” he says. “The training kits are great, but they can only take you so far. I wanted to come learn from the best.”

As a Method Ambassador, Jeffery is committed to bringing out the best of each horse’s potential and enjoys helping the horses’ owners learn how to build safe, fun partnerships with their horses.