About Josue

Josue was born in Mexico and came to the United States when he was 12. He discovered his passion for horses when he was in high school and took a part time job at a Thoroughbred racehorse breeding facility. Although he had no prior experience with horses, Josue immediately developed a connection and respect for the animals. “I was going through a lot in my life then and learning how to work with horses calmed me down and gave me a sense of peace. When interacting with horses, you have to leave your emotions out because they will pick up on them and mirror them back to you,” Josue says.

When he took a position at a private facility, he began learning how to train horses. The facility’s owner gave him lessons, but Josue craved more information and began researching horsemanship techniques. He came across a video of Clinton and was immediately hooked on the trainer’s message. “What he said made sense and it was easy to remember the steps he shared. I could watch a video and then go work with a horse and get the results he got,” Josue says.

The more Josue practiced, the more serious he became about studying the Method and improving his horsemanship skills. “What I really liked about Clinton’s approach was when you ran into any trouble, he explained how to fix it. I also liked his focus on safety and ensuring that the horse was prepared before introducing something new to him.”

Eventually, Josue began helping owners with their horses. “We had one horse come in that needed a tune up. She wouldn’t back out of the trailer – she’d just spin around and take off. The last week she was at the facility, I asked if I could work on her trailering problem. Her owner agreed and I taught the mare how to back up,” Josue says. “When her owner came to pick her up, I put her on the trailer and asked her to back off it. She calmly stepped off it as I wiggled my finger in front of her. It’s helping people with those little issues that I really enjoy.”

Wanting to learn the Method in depth, Josue became a Method Ambassador. He’s passionate about helping people learn how to safely work with their horses and build a partnership with them. “I enjoy helping people solve problems they’re having with their horses and developing a connection with them. You really have to mold yourself to connect with a horse, and when you get that connection and can communicate clearly, it’s amazing.”