About Juliana

Like many young girls, Juliana was head over heels in love with horses. Her family got their first horse when she was 11, and a few years later, they acquired a Paint mare that was 10 months pregnant and eventually gave birth to a filly.

That filly’s cantankerous attitude resulted in Juliana getting severely injured and ultimately led the young horsewoman to the Method. “You get results with the Method and you stay safe while doing it. It’s just that simple. Clinton says, ‘You can’t train a horse if you’re dead.’ While people laugh at that, his message is deadly serious,” Juliana says.

The decision to enroll in the Academy came to Juliana while watching Clinton teach a clinic. At the time, Juliana was in college studying to become a veterinarian. She’d started volunteering at a veterinary clinic when she was 14 and became a Certified Veterinary Assistant when she was 16. “I love vet medicine, but the last year I was working at the clinic, I was constantly thinking about becoming a clinician. If a horse wouldn’t load into the trailer after an appointment, I’d work with him until he went on. It’d be the highlight of my week,” Juliana says.

Her route to the Academy took her through the scholarship program, where her passion for Downunder Horsemanship and dedication to perfection helped her excel. “I enjoy helping people and making them happy. I also know what it’s like to struggle with horsemanship. Often, you end up backtracking because you don’t have the knowledge you need. A lack of knowledge turns training a horse into a frustrating process, and I want to help people avoid that and give them a sense of empowerment,” Juliana shares.