About Ron

When Ron married his wife, Geila, horses became a fixture in his life. He’d join Geila on trail rides and tag along to horse events, and he became a horse show dad when the couple’s daughter joined 4-H. The more involved he became, the more he enjoyed spending time with the animals.

When the Renards’ youngest daughter graduated high school and they were left with an empty house, they turned their focus from raising kids to spending time with their horses. For Ron, that meant learning the Method in depth.

He’d discovered Clinton when the clinician was establishing his career in the U.S. and was regularly presenting at equine expos. “The quality that really stuck out to me about Clinton was that you could easily see the steps he took to get results with each horse, and how eventually the training progressed to get a well-trained horse. The other clinicians came across as vague and were difficult to follow. Clinton’s program was so cut and dry that it was clear how to put the pieces together and get results with our own horses,” Ron says.

Ron studied the training videos, went to tours and eventually took private lessons and attended a variety of clinics. “Each step I took got me more involved with the Method, and I became a better horseman and upped my commitment level,” Ron says.

As he gained knowledge and developed his feel and timing, Ron began taking in horses to train and then finding good homes for them. “The Academy eventually caught my interest because I am continuously trying to become a better horseman. There is no better avenue to do that than by going to the ranch and focusing on refining your skill set.”

As a Method Ambassador, Ron enjoys sharing his knowledge with horsemen and coaching them to troubleshoot their horsemanship problems. “I get a real satisfaction out of helping people understand how to better work with their horses,” he says. “The truth is that the horse business is really the people business. You can train the horse all you want, but the key is to make sure the owner knows how to successfully communicate and work with their horse.”