About Sabrina

An avid trail rider, Sabrina makes it a priority to train and ride safe, willing horses. She grew up loving horses, and got a 10-year-old mare when she was 13. The sweet-natured, docile mare was the perfect horse for Sabrina to learn to ride on and build her confidence.

When Sabrina purchased a yearling a few years later, she began searching for horsemanship methods to start the filly. “I’ve tried different horsemanship techniques and realized that to get results, you need a step-by-step program that’s easy to understand,” Sabrina says.

Her searches led her to the Method, and when Sabrina began studying it and applying her new knowledge, she was hooked. The Method offered her an easy-to-understand training guide, and her filly quickly picked up on the lessons. Sabrina used the Colt Starting Kit to give her filly a safe start under saddle, and she soon found herself spending all of her free time working with horses and helping people solve their horsemanship problems.

Since the moment she discovered the Method, Sabrina dreamed of traveling to the United States and attending the Academy. “I want to be the best horseman I can be, and I knew the Academy was the best place for me. Nothing like it exists in France,” she says.

As an Ambassador, Sabrina is passionate about sharing her knowledge and helping horsemen reach their personal goals. “I want to help people develop safe and trusting partnerships with their horses,” Sabrina says. “The Method is safe for people and horses and obtains better results in six weeks than other programs can in six months.”