About Wendy

Wendy grew up loving horses and dreaming of the day she could have a horse of her own. She was a senior in high school when she finally saved up enough money to purchase Twist, a 2-year-old filly. She kept the filly at a boarding facility in exchange for cleaning stalls and feeding other horses.

With the help of a friend at the boarding barn, Wendy was able to start Twist under saddle. “That started me on the journey of realizing I needed knowledge. I went to the library and checked out books, videos and magazines … everything about training horses I could get my hands on,” she says.

She’d watch the videos and read the books and magazines, piecing together the information as best she could. “I managed to survive and had fun, but over the years, I always felt like I was missing something,” she says.

Eventually, Wendy came across Clinton on RFD-TV and received tickets to attend one of his tours in South Texas in 2009. “I was very impressed with how quickly Clinton was able to get results with one of the problem horses he worked with at the tour. I bought a halter and stick and went right home to work on my own horse, and got immediate results,” Wendy says. “The Method has worked every time on every horse I have trained, regardless of breed, background or temperament. It’s kept me and my horses safe, while still allowing me to establish a great foundation on them.”

Since 2015, the Texas horsewoman has been training horses for herself and friends. As she delved more into training a variety of horses, her desire to add to her knowledge and skillset became stronger. “Clinton’s training videos are great, but I wanted more in-depth information. I knew that the Academy was how I could get more pointers and really work on refining my horsemanship,” Wendy says.

As a Method Ambassador, Wendy enjoys sharing the Method with people and showing them how to build safe, fun partnerships with their horses. “I just love helping people with their horses, and training horses is a passion of mine,” Wendy says. “To be able to train with Clinton’s certification and Downunder Horsemanship behind me is amazing.”