About Wyatt

When Wyatt was in high school, his father showed up at their home one evening with two horses as a gift for Wyatt’s mother. “I’d never been around horses before, but I fell in love with them right then and there,” Wyatt says.

One of the horses was a bay roan Quarter Horse gelding named Steel. “It wasn’t long before the honeymoon was over and Steel started getting disrespectful and bucking, so we sent him off to a trainer to get rid of his dangerous behavior. It didn’t go well with the trainer, and my dad thought it would be best if we just got rid of Steel,” Wyatt says. “There was no way I was letting that happen, so I convinced him that I would learn how to train a horse and turn Steel around.”

Wyatt’s mother had been doing her own research and had found Clinton on YouTube. “She showed me a couple of his videos, and I was hooked. I kept coming back to watch more and continue to figure out how to solve problems I was having with Steel,” Wyatt says.

The experience lit a passion in Wyatt to learn everything he could about the Method and to fine-tune his skills as a horseman. He began competing in trail challenges, and the Watkins family’s herd of horses continued to grow.

As Wyatt’s commitment to horsemanship grew stronger, he began making plans to attend the Academy. “There’s only so far you can take yourself on your own by watching the videos. I felt like there was no better place to take my horsemanship further than by coming to the Academy,” he says.

As a Method Ambassador, Wyatt is committed to helping horsemen learn the Method so that they can have well-rounded horses that are safe and willing trail partners. “I love training horses and watching them progress,” he says, “but what I really enjoy is helping people understand how to work with their horses.”