Continuously Growing

After she established a successful career as a Professional Clinician, Kristin was invited to join Clinton’s performance horse program, where she trained the 2-year-old horses. “When Clinton offered me the opportunity to work with his performance horses, I leaped on it. I knew that it was the perfect way to continue to develop my skills. Working with the performance horses opened up new opportunities for me, including being able to eventually get in the ring and compete,” Kristin says.

The Professional Clinician also spent five years teaching the Clinician Academy. “Kristin knows the Method inside and out and is a skilled horsewoman and a phenomenal instructor,” Clinton says. “She’s a go-getter and knows the Method as well as I do and is nothing short of a perfectionist. Her passion for teaching and her dedication to the Method and horsemanship was an inspiration to students to reach their full potential during the course.”

While acquiring the skill set to effectively train horses is what led Kristin to Downunder Horsemanship and the Method, it’s the passion she has for working with people and helping them realize their goals that pushed her to becoming a clinician and establishing her dream career.

“Nothing beats watching the transformation people go through as they learn how to effectively communicate with their horses and form partnerships. I love the lightbulb moments the most. There are always those moments when you’re helping someone, when they or their horse are struggling with a concept and then BAM! they get it. When you break through that barrier, it changes everything,” Kristin says. “I’ve been there myself; I get it! So when I have the opportunity to help other people better their skills and get results, I don’t think about it twice.”