Helping Others

After spending six weeks with his training horses, Mitch looked forward to inviting the horses´ owners to the ranch and showing them how much improvement their horses had made. “That was the best part of the whole experience for me. When someone would send their horse to the ranch with a frustrating problem and you´d give them back a whole new animal, that was really something special,” Mitch says.

He arrived at the ranch with a strong passion for helping others and sharing his knowledge, so it is no surprise to him how much he enjoys helping people with their horsemanship and teaching them how to have a safer, more enjoyable partnership with their horses. “I´ve always enjoyed teaching people, whether it be a sport or an instrument. I loved coaching youth football and baseball. Getting to see that ah-ha moment when the lightbulb goes off for someone has always been fun for me,” Mitch says. “We horse people love our horses, and we spend a lot of money and time on them, so when things aren´t going well, it´s very frustrating. To be able to help someone get along with their horse and have fun doing it is why I love what I´m doing. It doesn´t get any better than this.”