Paying It Forward

When you’ve been at ground zero with your horsemanship – not having any understanding about how horses think and react and how to effectively work with them – you understand the frustration and the feelings of being overwhelmed that come as a result. “Before I was introduced to the Method, the way I was interacting with horses wasn’t in an educated way. I didn’t understand anything about horse psychology. That’s why Clinton’s method was such a change for me and why I think what he does is so important. He has a cohesive philosophy about how to understand horse psychology and apply that when working with a horse,” Jake says. “A lot of the struggles and problems people come to me with, I have had personal experience with. The difference is that I now know the exact steps to take and have the experience to correct a problem or make a partnership with a horse work. That’s why I’m so excited about my career as a clinician. Now it’s my turn to help others. I’ve got the knowledge, confidence and skills to help people who are in the same boat that I was in.”