The Chance of a Lifetime

After attending a tour in February 2009, he heard Clinton announce that he’d be holding a clinic in Colorado Springs. “When I heard him say that it would be one of his last before holding clinics only at his ranch in Stephenville, I knew I had to go,” Dale says. But finding a horse to take was going to be a bit of a challenge. “I was more interested in testing my skills as a horseman rather than seeing how good my horses were,” he explains. “By that point all of my personal horses knew the Method too well. I really wanted to test myself.” Dale started searching for the perfect horse to take and found an off-the-track Appendix Quarter Horse. “This particular gelding had a lot of issues – he kicked, he reared, he was basically out of control. He was actually banned from being on the drill team which isn’t an easy thing to accomplish,” Dale says.

Again, Dale’s clinic experience was exceptional, and he left not only having improved the gelding, but impressing Clinton with his dedication to the Method. Shortly after the clinic, he received the call from Clinton asking him to start the process of becoming a clinician. Dale now travels the country sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with horse owners just like himself. “The bottom line is that I have finally found my passion in life. I absolutely love working with horses, working with people with their horses, teaching, learning and, with all honestly, seeing owners enjoy their horses and horses enjoy their owners like they never have before,” Dale expresses.