About Alicia

Alicia was born passionate about horses and grew up in the saddle. She started riding when she was 3 and received her first pony as a Christmas gift when she was 8. From there, the young horsewoman set her sights on competing in gymkhanas and was active in 4-H.

Ten years ago, an ad in Horse&Rider led her to the Method. “There was an insert in the magazine announcing Clinton’s upcoming tour in Rancho Murieta, California. It said that you could call for five free tickets to the event,” Alicia explains. “My mom and sister are both involved with horses, so we thought it would be a fun event and we made a weekend of it.”

At the time, Alicia was in high school and was gaming and barrel racing. “I had all of the same problems most riders in speed events have. My horse wouldn’t go in the arena and was out of control. She wouldn’t even load on the trailer,” Alicia says.  “I got advice from all kinds of people, but nothing worked.”

At the tour, Alicia and her mother and sister were impressed with the results Clinton was getting with the horses he worked with. To top the weekend off, Alicia won Clinton’s video series “Barrel Racing for Success” in a giveaway. “When we got home, I watched the whole series and started using the techniques on our horses and saw an immediate difference in them. I’ve been hooked on the Method ever since,” Alicia says.

As a Method Ambassador, Alicia loves helping other horsemen find the answers to solving problems they’re having with their horses and sharing her knowledge to help them build safe partnerships with their horses. “I know firsthand the frustration of not having the knowledge to communicate and work effectively with your horse,” Alicia says. “The Method gets results, and I enjoy helping people learn it to accomplish their goals.”