About Brock

A lemonade stand and a big dose of ambition helped Brock raise money to buy her first horse, a well-mannered pony named Shorty. Brock, 12 at the time, was born into a non-horse family and had begged her parents to let her take English riding lessons when she was 8.

Four years later, when she had Shorty, Brock joined 4-H and rode horses throughout her middle school and high school years. “I did everything from gymkhana and team penning to rodeo queen competitions and jumping,” Brock says.

After high school, she headed to college, where she majored in sociology and minored in psychology. During her sophomore year, a friend asked Brock to help her restart a horse. “She wanted to use the Method, and at the time, I wasn’t familiar with it. So she let me borrow her DVDs to learn, and once I got a taste of it, I never looked back,” Brock says. “The best thing about the Method is that if you follow the steps, you get results. Clinton gives you all of the steps in detail to be successful.”

Inspired by the results she got with the Method, she went to her first tour that year. “The tour amazed me. I wanted any and all information about the Method I could possibly get my hands on. Learning it became an obsession after the tour,” Brock says.

The event had such an impact on her that afterwards she made a goal to one day attend the Academy. “It’s a dream of mine to be the best horseman that I can be. How do you get to be the best? You learn from the best,” Brock says.

As a Method Ambassador, Brock finds her passion for horsemanship is infectious and her degrees give her the perfect foundation to help others realize their horsemanship goals. “I want to give people someone I never had when I got started with horses. When I had questions, I didn’t have any answers,” Brock says. “Making a difference in people’s and horses’ lives is what I’ve dreamed of doing and I couldn’t ask for more.”