About Kenneth

Ten years ago, Ken reconnected with his childhood love of horses. “I had a few horses growing up and into my young adult years, but when my wife and I started having children, raising our family became my focus,” Ken explains.

When he was ready to get back into horses, Ken contacted a friend in Texas who rides. “I asked him to buy me a horse he’d get for himself. He agreed to do it and drove 19 hours to my place in Florida, unloaded the horse and left,” Ken says. “Left alone with the horse, I realized I wasn’t at all prepared. Other than a halter and lead rope, I didn’t have any training equipment.”

Ken began piecing together the necessary tools, but he wasn’t getting much accomplished with his horse. Out of necessity, he’d search YouTube for help. “Anytime I had a question, I’d do a search and watch all the videos I could find on the topic. Clinton’s had the best presentation, so I’d always lean back to him,” Ken says. “While I was interested in Clinton’s training kits, their price tags were big, so I stuck to watching the free videos on YouTube, even though I knew that the information wasn’t complete.”

A Christmas present from his wife turned into Ken attending a three-day Fundamentals Clinic Clinton taught in Ocala, Florida. “At that point, I was beyond frustrated. My knowledge was limited and I felt like a failure and that I needed to get rid of the horse or I’d end up hurt,” Ken says. “That clinic changed my horsemanship and was the start of my Downunder Horsemanship journey.”

Spurred on by the knowledge he received at the clinic, Ken became a clinic-aholic, attending local Downunder Horsemanship clinics and lessons and eventually participating in an Intermediate Clinic at the ranch.

“There are things that give you life and things that take it. Training horses, even though it can be grueling, gives me life,” Ken says. “I was in customer service for about 35 years and was ready for a change. I told my wife, who is my biggest supporter, that I’d like to semi-retire and focus on establishing a career as a Method Ambassador. She said, ‘Let’s do it!’”

As an ambassador, Ken enjoys helping people learn the Method to build partnerships with their horses. “I know firsthand how liberating and incredible it felt when the light came on and I was finally able to communicate with my horse,” Ken says. “I love seeing that in others, watching that light come on that ignites a passion for more knowledge.”