About Nada

Nada was born loving horses and spent her childhood cleaning stalls in exchange for the opportunity to ride. Volunteering at barns for the chance to be around horses was a strategy she carried into her adult years.

In 2013, she was watching TV and came across the Downunder Horsemanship program. “There was Clinton, making working with a horse seem so easy and simple. He made me believe that I could train my own horse,” Nada says.

Deciding that the time was right to finally get a horse of her own, Nada found Cody, a yearling colt, who came as a package deal with his mother. “I used the Method to train them both. Clinton made it easy to understand how to safely work with them and get results,” Nada says.

Continuing to follow the Method, Nada was able to start Cody under saddle when he was 3. The gelding has since turned into a trustworthy partner. “It’s awesome to look back to when Cody was a yearling and knew nothing and to see the confident, safe horse he is now,” Nada says.

Over the years, Nada has been diligent about studying the Method and enrolled in the Academy knowing that she could become a better horsewoman by receiving hands-on help and getting further into the Method than what the training videos provided. “I figured that in seven weeks I should be able to get lots of knowledge out of everybody at the ranch and then be able to share that knowledge to better help other horse owners,” Nada says.

The Georgia horsewoman teaches riding lessons and enjoys coaching owners through problems they’re having with their horses. “I come across so many people who have a passion for horses, but they get frustrated because they don’t know how to communicate with horses or understand how to work with them,” Nada says. “From my personal experience, I know that the Method helps you connect with horses and create a bond with them. I’m excited to help others experience that same success with their horses.”